PHOTOSЛечение Нафталаном


Карта Азербайджана


February, 10, 2011

Chinar Hotel and SPA Naftalan complex opens after reconstruction.

President Ilham Aliyev on February 10 inaugurated Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan complex after major reconstructions. President toured the complex after cutting a red ribbon and gave relevant instructions and recommendations.

The 170-room Chinar Hotel & SPA located in Naftalan town of Azerbaijan covers 18,8 hectares and can receive 312 guests. The restoration works at the complex began in May, 2007 and were completed in November, 2010.
The polyclinics with the departments of urology, dietology, gynecology, cardiology, stomatology, therapeutics and dermatology are equipped with modern medical equipment made in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Japan and South Korea. This compound disposes also biochemical, hematology, microbiology, immunology and serology labs, which use the most sophisticated medical equipment. The medical facility will run its activities to treat muscle, otolaryngology, children’s, urology, cutaneous, gynecological, vascular, peripheral nerve and central nerve systems’ diseases.

The President visited therapeutics, physiotherapeutic, rehabilitation and fitness centers located in SPA. While studying the Naftalan Therapeutics Center, it was reported that it has 24 baths. The main remedy is the oil of Naftalan. The Naftalan oil existing in Azerbaijan can cure many diseases. In this regard, the Naftalan therapeutics were approved a reliable treatment method in many fields of medicine.

The dormitory, consisting of single, double and family bedrooms (170 rooms in total), dispose all necessary conditions. It has also a female beauty saloon, internet club, gifts store, electric cars and bicycle renting services.

Head of state toured also the water procedures’ center, which has a pool, Turkish bath and sauna, built in line with modern standards.

Afterwards, President Ilham Aliyev met with the representatives of local community in Naftalan city.

Congratulating the people of Naftalan, President Ilham Aliyev said:

- Let me salute you and cordially congratulate you on the opening of the Chinar Hotel. This is a major and perhaps even historic event. You know very well that in Soviet times this building was a sanatorium where people from different parts of the Soviet Union would come for treatment. Later the building became run down and practically did not operate. But thanks to the work done, the reforms under way in our country, the stability and economic development in Azerbaijan, business people have invested their money in this building and created a beautiful hotel meeting the highest standards, a medical facility and a recreation center.

The Chinar Hotel meets the highest international standards. There are all the necessary facilities at the hotel, at the medical and recreation centers. Most importantly, people will be able to use the unique therapeutic Naftalan oil here and at such a wonderful level. Never before has there been such a level here. Now it is a reality and this reality has been created by the Azerbaijani state, the work carried out in Azerbaijan and the confidence of investors in the future of our country.

We must make sure that the entire tourism infrastructure in Azerbaijan is like this: great level, excellent service, high quality. For the town of Naftalan, the establishment of such beautiful facilities is very important because they mean new jobs. The number of visitors to Naftalan will increase. People will be coming here not only from the CIS, but also from abroad, I am sure. I have been to different parts of the world and stayed at various hotels, and I can say with full confidence that the conditions available here are at the highest level. I am very pleased that such wonderful conditions are being created not only in the capital, but also in Azerbaijani districts.

The Naftalan oil, as I am sure you know very well, has unique healing qualities. People living here have used these opportunities, this oil for centuries. In Soviet times, Naftalan was a famous city in the Soviet Union. Subsequently, for certain reasons, it lost its glory. This day will be crucial for the revival of Naftalan, for it to take its rightful place. The construction of these two beautiful hotels will pave the way for further development of Naftalan.

I would like to repeat that the establishment of this beautiful compound is the result of the work being done in Azerbaijan. Investment, economic growth, enhancing industrial capacity, rapid development of the country are enabling us to establish such beautiful facilities that will serve the people of Azerbaijan.

I want to heartily congratulate all the people of Naftalan on this wonderful occasion. I am sure that this beautiful hotel will operate successfully and business people will invest their resources in other areas as well. Congratulations again!