10 февраля, 2011
Открытие после реконструкции комплекса Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan.
Президент Ильхам Алиев принял участие в открытии в Нафталане после реконструкции комплекса Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan.
Глава государства разрезал ленту в знак открытия и ознакомился с комплексом. Капитальный ремонт 312-местного комплекса Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan, расположенного на территории 18,8 гектара, начался в мае 2007 года и завершился в ноябре 2010 года.Подробно

Карта Азербайджана


Treatment of patients at the center carried out in complex with the latest technologies and special staff.
The patients primarily assigned naphthalan or iodine-bromine baths, depending on the diagnosis. For naphthalan bath in the native (natural) naphthalene.

Temperature baths naphthalan 37 - 38C. The time taking the first bath - 8 minutes, subsequent bath - 10 minutes. The first three baths are taken in a day, others - 2 -3 days bath, day break. Course of treatment 10 - 12 naphthalan baths.
Naphthalan bath is appointed as general (speed bumps), sitting and chamber baths. Total (recumbent) naftalan bath - the patient lies down in the bath so that the area of the heart was left open. Seated naftalan bath - the patient sits in a bathtub on a belt and plunges his hands into the tub. Chamber bath - the patient sits on a special seat and sink his feet into the tub.
After bathing the patient is cleaned from the remnants of naftalan special scraper, wipes and paper takes a shower. Water temperature 38 - 39 on, when you shower no more than 15 - 20 minutes. Not recommended shampooing immediately after bathing. Need to rest for an hour after bathing. During naphthalan baths, usually at the reception 1 - 4 bath comes balneoreactions in the form of general (general weakness, headaches, insomnia, intestinal disorders, etc.) and local (increasing pain, skin rash, itching, bruises on her legs, etc) reactions . With proper bathing these manifestations take place by the end of treatment. Upon occurrence balneoreactions need to contact your doctor. Action naftalan treatment lasts 1.5 - 2 months and comes after a steady effect.

A complex treatment includes:
- Therapeutic Massage
- Vibromassage
- Electrophoresis
- Darsonvalization
- Magnet
- Laser
- Phototherapy
- Electrosleep
- Acupuncture
- Seragem
- Physiotherapy
- Nafta-paraphin applications
- Inhalation
- Amplipulse
- Naphthalene - phonophoresis
- Hydrocolonoterapy

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